Children’s Korean Classes


January 6, 2018 – May 19, 2018

Did you know that Korean is considered a “critical language” according to the United States government? “Critical language” is a term used in the US to designate languages for which there is large demand for language professionals but little supply. We believe the earlier children learn Korean, the better positioned they will be for the future. Class Size is limited! 


January 6, 2018 – May 19, 2018 (19 weeks total). No school during Spring Break, April 2 through 6, 2018.

For our TK/Kinder and Kinder/1st Grade classes, we will offer a weekly 80 minutes and a twice weekly 60 minute class.

TK/Kinder4-6 yrsTuesday/Thursday12:30 PM -1:30 PM
TK/Kinder4-6 yrsWednesday12:30PM-1:50 PM
Kinder-1st Grade5 – 7yrsTuesday/Thursday3:00PM-4:00 PM
Kinder-1st Grade5 – 7yrsWednesday2:00 PM – 3:20 PM
2nd-3rd Grade7-9yrsWednesday4:00 PM-5:20 PM
4th-5th Grade9 -11yrsTuesday3:00 PM-4:20 PM

For 6th grade and beyond, please visit our Youth Korean Program page.

About Our Program

The classes will be based on the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. Through 21st century teaching and learning methods, students will learn real world application of Korean language.  Each developmentally appropriate class will offer theme-based learning activities and will include opportunities to practice language skills.

All students will be taught the Korean alphabet system (Hangul), pronunciation and basic conversational usages such as greetings, and self-introduction using methods that are appropriate to their age. All classes will weave in aspects of Korean heritage and culture.

Early age classes will utilize enriched play method, a playgroup-style with songs and games, making Korean language learning fun and hands-on. Through a creative curriculum, our program will help children develop Korean language skills, through social interaction, Children will explore colors, counting, family, body parts, animals and simple phrases. Students will be able to increase their Korean language proficiency, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In addition to learning the language, they will learn about aspects of Korean culture and history through activity based learning. It is our goal that students develop a sense of pride and appreciation of their Korean heritage.

Korean American Center is a proud member of ACTFL

Class Location:

Classes will take place at the Korean American Center
18 Truman St, Suite #208
Irvine, CA 92620

Posted on: November 8, 2017