Korean American Young Leaders (KAYL)



KAYL is a program of the Korean American Center for high school students who aspire to enrich, empower, and endue their community with their time and talents. KAYL provides a unique opportunity for tomorrow’s Korean-American Young Leaders by empowering students of all socio-economic backgrounds through leadership development, community service events, and career exploration.

KAYL will build America’s future leaders across all industries and all disciplines. Today, Asian Americans, especially, Korean-Americans, are severely underrepresented at the management and executive levels in corporate America; Asian Americans make up only 1.5% of Boards of Fortune 500 Companies. There are no Korean-Americans represented at the elected Federal level, and a limited voice in the arts and entertainment.

Through KAYL’s Mentorship and Advisory Council, students will reach their highest potential as active and engaged members of the community. KAYL students will shatter the bamboo ceiling because they will gain skills that will give them a competitive advantage to be successful in a fast-changing and hyper-connected world. They will gain confidence and be empowered to make an impact.


  • Provide our Korean-American youth with the opportunity to take active leadership positions they might not otherwise have access to at school.
  • Give our youth insight into the world at large, while engaging students in a critical reflection of issues affecting our local community.
  • Acquire a variety of leadership skills and team building techniques, such as presentation skills, meeting skills, and project planning.
  • Provide transformational career exploration through a vast network of mentors and advisors who are established leaders in their respective fields.
  • Inspire students to bring positive change to our community through a variety of meaningful service projects.
  • Participation in KAYL will go toward the Presidential Volunteer Service Award

 For more information on how to join KAYL, please visit us at Kayl.org

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Posted on: August 20, 2017