Our Programs

It is our goal to offer the community access to programs that share Korea’s rich cultural heritage.

We offer a FREE weekly English/Korean Language Exchange program that promotes Korean and English language learning through sharing. Our program connects non-native speakers of Korean with an interest in Korean together with Native Korean speakers to improve their conversation skills and build connections.  Language Exchange is open to everyone and all levels of proficiency.  Please visit our Language Exchange page for more information.

몇개의 프로그램은 무료 언어교환과 어른들을 위한 한국어 강의를 합니다. 이경우 조금의 비용이 요구됩니다.

We offer a very high quality, low cost Korean language program for adults. The unique aspect of our program is that we offer free instructor led supplemental class which gives our Korean language students additional opportunity for Korean exposure and additional practice and learn. Our supplemental classes are run by committed volunteers who want to share the Korean language with others.

We are forming an interest list for those interested in learning Korean cooking. Sign up here.

We host an annul community Korean BBQ event.

Additional Programs Needing Support:

  • Film Screening featuring Korean-American film makers and promoting Korean films
  • Korean art exhibits
  • Korean arts workshops
  • Korean cooking/culinary programs
  • Korean history programs
  • Korean folk crafts
  • K-Pop programs
  • Traditional Korean music programs
  • And So Much More…..


Korean Food and Recipes 한식:

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Korean Cultural Assets 한국전통문화

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Korean Customs & Etiquette 한국문화와 예절

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